Our story

At No Knotsense, we strive to help everyone achieve optimal physical relief and recovery - from the sedentary office worker to the athlete.

We understand at some point in time, everyone has suffered from muscle tightness, poor posture and discomfort which has potentially led to injuries along the way causing you to spend money on massages, physio and just affected your quality of life. 

I created No Knotsense because as the founder of No Knotsense, my story sounded a bit like this! I was riddled with injuries that seemed to have come out of no where. However through research and my background as a Health Professional, I tried and tested different types of equipment and found some that I believe were extremely beneficial. 

This is why here at No Knotsense we are providing you a range of tools to use in order to rid yourself of these issues so you can go about your day pain free, in a better mood than your last, by being able to participate in things you  want to do without having to deal with these issues.

Why choose No Knotsense?

We believe that with the combination of Knot release equipment which aims to release tight muscles. Resistance bands to strengthen the released muscles in their full range of motion and Posture correction equipment to further solidify better postural behaviour is our best bet in achieving this improved quality of life

We always keep an eye on the latest technology and equipment that we believe will be beneficial for our customers, and is one of the main reasons why we have satisfied customers all over the world.

The interest of our customers is always a priority for us, so we hope you enjoy your experience here at No Knotsense.